Moroccan Fruit Salad

If I’m being totally honest, when I was choosing this dish, I was mainly looking for simplicity and ingredients that I could find easily. Without the option of just going to town and buying any ingredient I want, I had to pick a dish that I could make with all ingredients that could be found here off campus. I also wanted to do something other than a salad, as that was what I cooked last time, so I chose a dessert.

I chose a fruit salad from Morocco that is served as a dessert. It called for bananas, strawberries, apples, tangerines and vanilla yogurt. Me being from the United States, I immediately assumed I could find tangerines and strawberries if I went to the shops, but as I was walking along, I was remembering I had never seen those fruits anywhere off campus. I was so used to being able to just pick them up at the closest grocery store and they were fruits that I would eat on a normal basis at home. That was a learning experience. So, instead, I picked mangos and pineapple and  substituted the vanilla yogurt for strawberry yogurt to add flavor and color. It turned out alright, I think, but I would have liked to have the burst of flavor that the strawberries and tangerines would have added.

picFo9e1p (recipe link)

The sugar also added a little more of a dessert taste, otherwise I think it would have tasted too much like a regular fruit salad that you would serve as a side dish at a picnic or something like that. Overall, I was pleased with how it turned out and I am looking forward to our final opportunity to cook.