This past semester I started taking my French Minor classes. FRE 124 was one of the classes being offered. I bet you are wondering what’s special about this class; I got you covered.

  1. It’s a cuisine class

Aside from the monotomy of group work and doing term papers, this class has several sessions where students get to pick a recipe of their own and cook it. After the cooking each student brings their dish to class for a feasting session as each share on their cooking experience.IMG-20170306-WA0026

This goes a great way in helping the student understand why various cuisines are popular and the history behind a particular dish.

  1. Learn and understand the history of French

It is a French class hence learning the history of the country is mandatory. However it is not the normal cliché about war, fight for independence bla bla bla, rather, the history is based on how fashion evolved and the different types of music which is very interesting to learn.

  1. Debate class

The lecturer gets to engage the class on current issues that bring up very educative debates that students can relate to. Since the class has fewer students, each person gets to voice out their opinion as well as share experiences that relate to the topic.French 124

  1. The class has its own blog

The class owns a blog where students get to write on various topics and opinions such as how their cooking experience was. The students can either write in French or English enabling them to effectively express themselves.

  1. Great lecturer

No one would want to have a boring person for a lecturer not even as a friend. Dr. Wandia has a way of conducting the class which is just amazing. She sort of makes one think out of their comfort zone. She has a good sense of humor and above all a very good listener. What more would a student need?