This class- FRE 124- has been an adventure from the first day we stepped in. I remember the first class, when Dr. Wandia explained how things work. I honestly wondered if I was going to make it, because first, I’ve never thought of myself as much of a writer and here we were going to need to contribute to this blog, I wondered how we were going to participate in culture week- I honestly was not too excited about the idea at the beginning, and I was on the other hand excited to start learning about all these Francophone countries- their history, food, fashion, lifestyles, et al. I didn’t know what to expect (you know the way lecturers in Daystar ask you at the beginning of the semester what your expectations for the class are…)



I was happy to begin the journey, though, and it has been such an enriching one. First, because of the beautiful minds I shared the class with. Check who they are out on this post ( ) and you will see that when I say every class session was intense, I mean it. We had heated debates sometimes about various topics, we had diverse perspectives on topics because we were very diverse in our world views, and nationalities, and class was always quite lively. I have not been exposed to history in a lively way before. History was always that thing you had to struggle to stay awake for, at least for me.

Learning about different countries opened my mind to the world we live in. Now I know things… I know who Aime Cesaire is and why I needed to know who he is (here’s a post about him on our blog, I know what a Griot does, basically I know things that may not have seemed to matter to me before, but are very important to another’s world. I believe that can’t be traded for anything.


I expanded my cooking horizons!! I was so closed minded when it came to cooking and the thing ais, I did not even realize it until I took this class. I thought I was bomb chef hahaha… But now I realize, I was wrong. I have seen how easy it is to just search for different ways to make meals with local ingredients and actually pull it off. Dr. Wandia kept telling us that since she started teaching the class, her cooking has grown… now that I can’t teach it, I hope I’ll be able to keep up the practice.

Finally, writing this blog has made me realize I was overthinking the whole writing thing as well. I have realized that I just need to write from my heart, and considering I keep a journal, that’s not too difficult for me.

So basically, I guess what I’m trying to say is that this was one of my favorite classes this semester, but sadly, all good things must come to an end. On this side of life at least. If you’re looking for an adventure, memories and growth, I strongly recommend that you take it the next time it is offered.

Somi Elsie 🙂