The unchallenged city of love! Paris is a dream destination for a large majority of genuine romantics. Everything about the city from the ‘wee wee’ French accent, to the cuisine, to the tourist attractions have been sold to the rest of the world as a lovebirds cave. The question though, is, is it overdone? Can it get to a point where the city’s beauty is overcommercialized and clichéd? 

Well, don’t worry.  In case you are tired of the same old stories but you ever do get the chance to go to Paris with your significant other, or just take yourself out on a self-love trip, I have got you covered. Below are a few un-cliché Romantic ideas that I, ironically,  fell in love with. 

  1. Visit the Notre Dame. Remember the book turned film, The Hunchback of Notre Dame? How romantic would it be to traverse the building  which inspired it. It is filled with history and expansively detailed finishing. Having taken 300 years to be completed, it stands in the middle of the Seine River, captivating the attention of everyone who passes by it. (image retrieved from:
  2. Cook’n With Class. In previous posts I have talked about the beauty of food and definitely the pride of the French in their food. Cook’n with class is an opportunity for you and bae to learn why it is so important to them. A range of classes are offered that talk on everything from making baguettes and croissants to baking macarons or cakes. You can also discover more about cheeses and pairing cheese with wine, or you can choose to learn the best shopping practices for finding the right ingredients before turning them into a delicious restaurant worthy, 3 star meal. The school is run by Chef Eric Fraudeau, and is completely state of the art. You can learn more about it in this cookn’ with class article.  
  3. Tango Dancing by the River Seinne. This is probably my favorite one! We all may know the famous river Seinne which is known for its sunset boat rides. You can almost picture evening star gazing while listening to some French man sing and play his stringed instrument in the boat. What,  however, that isn’t common knowledge is how tango enthusiasts meet together at the mini amphitheatres along the Seine in the 5th arrondissement to dance seductively until twilight. It doesn’t matter if you are a professional or have never in your life taken a tango step. The dance is for everyone willing to couple up and give it a go! You can find more information and more pictures where the above was retrieved from here. (Tango on the Seine for Strangers) 
  4. The Love Cemetery. Another interestingly bizarre romantic destination that caught my attention is the Père Lachaise. This, my friends, is a home for dead people yet it somehow manages to capture the living’s hearts. The cemetery is like a miniature city of its own; with long winding pathways which have their own street signs and names, and the tombs. It is a space that reminds you of the statement, ‘Till death do us Part’. 

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  5. The Garden of Hopeless  Romantics there is a little house turned museum which privately sits in the city of Paris that has been dedicated to the Romantic movement of the Arts. Next to it there is a glass house which has become a quaint tea room serving lunch and iced tea, which they say might be the best iced tea you could ever try– Egyptian style made with hibiscus flowers and cinnamon. 

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  6. The Island of the Temple of Love.  Last but definitely not least let me take you back on a journey through the Seine. Along the way is an island on which sits the Temple of Love. It is sometimes also callee the Temple Romantique. It requires a bit of an expedition to get ti but that makes it all the more worth it when you reach your destination. Perch on the Island and watch the sun set or explore abit as the view captivates you. Apparently there’s a rocky stairway that leads down to the shore of the lake where the most gorgeous grotto awaits. 

    (photo retrieved from:               And  that is it for now from the city of love, for a more in depth search on un-cliché destinations in Paris check out MessyNessy’s article,  Romantic things to do in Paris other than Love Locking on the Bridge

Until Next Time, Aure voir!