So as you have seen my classmates and I have had a fantastic time in this class. Honestly it was probably my favorite class last semester along with one other which I really enjoyed. Thus if you are thinking of doing an extra elective and don’t know what to pick. This is the class for you. Why? Well below is my list of reasons. 

  1. Understanding Culture and History.                                                 The Francophone class taught me more about some African countries than I’ve learned in my entire life. Understanding the influence of French colonization allows me to interact with people from Franco-countries with more understanding. It also teaches the depth of misappropriation in culture. For example learning how voodoo was a freedom fighting tool for the Haitian revolution. You need lessons from this class to understand the people of Africa! 
  2. Food! Food! Food!                               You won’t just talk about savory food that melts in your mouth, you’ll actually get to try your hand in the kitchen and make it! Sometimes you will fail or it won’t be perfect but it will be so much fun. Plus you get to eat what everyone else made! Fam! Enough said.
  3. Practicality and Applicability      This class structure is probably the most hands on you will ever do. We cook the meals of the countries we discuss. We smell the aromas that float throught their streets. We watch movies inspired by them and talk  about books that tell their stories. Believe me when I say this is one class where learning is participating. If you are in the class you will participate and you will learn. 
  4. Art and Culture.                                  You will learn the importance of art and culture in any given society. From the poet President Senghor who was a founder of negritude to the model Khlaudia Diop to the fashionistas of the Artilles Islands, the creativity of African people transcend time and space. The griots show you how before Hip-Hop, jazz, or any present day music there was rythm in story telling there was poetry. You will learn how history is so beautifully captured in art. 
  5. Revolutionary                                          Last but definitely not least in this class your voice is heard. You  are allowed to speak your truth. There is room for discussion in every lesson. This means you won’t just regurgitate everything you are taught like a machine, instead you will reason, discuss, and in the process grow…