Remember how we used to play make believe as kids? We would let our imagination take us places we hadn’t experienced. It was more fun than learning how to be an adult. More and more I am learning food can allow you to make believe. It can carry you to the culture and the life of the people who it belongs to.

Dr. Wandia taught us this on our class field trip where she took us to Paris. Well, make believe Paris created by food dishes, in her living room. It was to be the last class, one last adventure in the Francophone world. 

We had watched Julie and Julia recently and I personally had been inspired by the passion that had gone into the French food world. We do know the French rave about their cuisine. Thus how could you not be excited when your teacher offers to cook a whole French inspired meal. 

Lord knows it did not disappoint! As each dish was layed in front of us, our mouths watered and eyes widened, our noses flustered by the savory smell. It was intoxicating. Dr. Wandia had outdone herself preparing fascinating French dishes, namely, 

Spinach quiche (a beautiful, cheesy, crusty spinach and egg combo) 

Ratatouille (the mixed vegetable dish that inspired the famous cartoon) 

Gratin dauphinoise (a buttery melt-in-your-mouth potato dish) 

Boeuf bourgignon (soft tender meat stewed in delicious red wine) – you know we all loved this one! 

Tarte tatin (an upside down sweet and sugary apple pie that blesses your sweet tooth). It blended perfectly with vanilla/strawberry ice cream. 

As I can only speak as a taster and not a chef, you must check out her post on what it was like preparing these dishes on this article: Gastroonomie! Then maybe try these dishes at home. 

Bon a petit!