Daystar culture week happens once every year- in the January semester. It is a week where we celebrate our diversity. Different cultures and countries display their dishes, clothing, currency, music, dance among other things. It always has been a colorful week, even though some students don’t participate. For the longest time, I have been one of those students. That is, until I took this class and it was one of the course requirements. We participated in the culture week this year as a class and it was a good experience.

Originally, the plan was to participate fully- have a display stand at the PAC and then participate in the gala night, but due to unavoidable circumstances, we could only do the stand at the PAC and dress up. Yes, I know what you might be wondering maybe- what did we choose to wear given the number of countries we have studied? Or maybe you weren’t. I will tell you anyway 🙂

A week or two before culture week, we learned about the great women of the Antilles (you can read about that here ) and we decided we would dress like them for our cultural dress.

…at least our best contextual interpretation of their colorful clothing.


-retrieved from

My outfit was not caught on camera sadly. But I think I did a pretty good job as well.

For our stand, we had Moroccan salad and Moffo Bageda, which is a fritter made of sweet potatoes from Madagascar. For the few minutes I was at the stand, I was amused at how fascinated other students were as they gathered round the table, first at the fact that this class existed, and second at hearing what the class is about.


It was a beautiful day!

Somi Elsie 🙂