Our class is a class that speaks so much on culture it would be a shame to not participate in the one celebration of culture we have as a school. Having been a part of the class has raised my awareness of the beauty of the celebration of so many different cultures.

I think my favorite part of culture week was being educated on other counties’ cultures. Visiting all the little tables and tasting the different ethnic foods further proved to me the importance of food when it comes to describing a people. The Nigerians talked about their spicy stews affectionately and the Sudanese sang the praises of their grains which we were given the opportunity to try.

The other beautiful piece was seeing everyone wearing their ethnic dresses. Because it was the week of the Islands in class we atyempted to dress like women from the Islands with puffy colourful skirts, plain tops, and beautiful head wraps. It was fun, almost like playing dress up, attempting to experience the beauty of the women albeit for one day.

Last but not least was the culture night dancing. This was an errm, interesting, experience to say the least. A lot of cultures really emphasized on the twerking or makerena part of the dances. It was fascinating but at the same time a bit disappointing because it seemed that traditional dance had been commercialized to bring out only that one aspect. I know there is so much more to traditional dancing that is beautifully intricate and precise. I would have loved to see other aspects of the dances more incorporated. However, all in all it was better than nothing. The one thing I hope we take away though, is that in future we will be more authentic in presenting the beauty of our culture so that it is not about what people want to see but about what we have to give.