Culture Week :

This is the week where all the countries represented in Daystar University .students dress in their traditional attires, they show case their traditional food and clothes. Apart from taking part as a Congolese, I also took part as a member of French 124 class. We decided to do a Moroccan salad and Moffo bageda (sweet potato fritters from Madagascar).

The most interesting part is that not many students knew about this class. They were fascinated as they saw our table and the food we displayed. My lecturer and my fellow student Caroline tried to dress like Antillean women and it actually worked they did a very good job.

I could say it was a success because as soon as people found out about our displaying table they came in numbers which is actually good for starters. Everyone kept asking what class it was and what we did. When we actually share our experiences with them and what we mainly do in the class they could not believe that such a fun class can actually exist in Daystar and they couldn’t wait to join the class next semester.

Over roll I would like to recommend my lecturer for the amazing job that she did. Trust me this is a class that I would take over and over again.