Classes can be really hectic but not my French class. There is something very different about French 124by Dr.Wandia. Truth be told I hate Mondays, I mean we all have those Monday blues that you just want to stay in bed, but for this particular class it was actually very different, I literally prayed for Mondays so that I can attend my classes. French 126 is about introduction to France and francophone world. Well here is a fun fact I am Congolese but I am not very conversant in French, but hey taking this class made me fall in love with France and francophone world.

Early-History-Of-France the early history of France.

I learnt a lot about the history of France, What is now France made up the bulk of the region known to the Romans as Gaul. Roman writers noted the presence of three main ethno-linguistic groups in the area: the Gauls, the Aquitani, and the Belgae. Interesting right?

I have never been a poetry lover or rather I just couldn’t relate with poems, but this class changed my perception about poems and books written by the great Africans like Leopard Sedar Senghor and Aime Cesaire also my lecture’s favorite.

This class changed my way of thinking, what do I mean when I say it changed my way of thinking?  I am a very formal person like when writing my academic papers most of the times I just state facts , in text citation and pretty much what the books says. What this class taught me is that I am free to actually think out of the box. I can start an argument with the facts I have and actually make sense. Isn’t this interesting?

download (9) Paris the city of light.

I fell in love with Paris this is because of how my lecturer would describe it, how she talked about the life of Paris. She often referred to it as the city of Light , she would talk of the amusement parks , the walks she took , the different places she visited , wait did I tell you about the many restaurants that she visited and sampled food?. We talked French colonies and the francophone world. Some of my favorite topics were the Haitian revolution, I mean these people have a beautiful culture, and lovely cuisine with I actually tried out. Talked about the French revolution, Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte, the great women of the Antilles and trust me you will be shocked that some of the great names today come from the Caribbean. The most touching topic is how the French divided the Africans, how they treated us and the whole colonization process which includes taking away our freedom us Africans, well I won’t lie but I still feel that many years later we are still under the Europeans, I mean we strive to be like them, we want to do things like them and yet we have a rich history and culture.

On to my favorite part, this is the only class in Daystar University that had cook outs.


We cooked different foods like the Haitian cuisine, African delicacies and the French cuisine that was prepared by our lecturer Dr. Wandia. I did not only learn a lot from this class but I also learnt more about different cuisines. The best part of this class we not only discussed and watched movies like Julie&Julia but talk about the social issues that Kenya was facing or is facing today, we talked about the leadership in our country and in our schools, the ills of the society and the list goes on and one.

I can actually write a whole easy or rather about on how this class has benefited me and actually change my life. I urge Daystar Students to sign up for this class not only because it is fun but it actually makes you take life in a different perspective. Also the lecturer is amazing women I mean tell me a lecturer that would spend hours cooking with the students, discussing issues in the society and helping her students have an open mind? Dr. Wandia is such an amazing woman she has taught me that only the truth can liberate us .I also had the best classmates one could ask for. I interacted with brilliant minds and this impacted my life in so many ways.

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