When torn between being punctual for class and satisfying an empty stomach, most people would rush to Joshua’s canteen for a ‘chapo-smokie’ (Smoked Sausage wrapped in Chapati). For us vegetarians we would prefer vegetarian samosas, which I’ve discovered to be a rare commodity here in Daystar University, so we would have no choice but to buy Mandazi (Swahili Bun). Well good news for the vegetarians in campus, in French 124 ‘Introduction to Francophone World’ class, I have discovered a really simple Haitian recipe called “Diri ak pwa France” in Haitian ‘kreyol’ meaning; ‘Rice and Green Peas’.

We were tasked with cooking Haitian meals, and as a faithful rice lover, I opted for this recipe which I refer to as the ‘Get Set and Go’ recipe because it’s a quick mix of ingredients, which are mainly rice and peas. The steps are so easy to follow, and the ingredients are quite cost friendly. I took 35 minutes to prepare the ingredients and cook the food and I used precisely 200 shillings in preparing this awesome dish which would amply serve 2 people; meaning I was sorted for 2 meals and of course I improvised my own ingredients.

Improvised Ingredients

3 stems of scallion for 3 stems of French Beans and Carrots

One hand full of parsley for one hand of coriander

1/2 of a red bell pepper for ½ of a green bell pepper

18 tablespoons of olive oil for Avena oil

12 cups of Golden Elephant Rice for local Pishori Rice

The original verison according to the recipe.
My version after improvision of ingredients.

The ‘Diri ak Pwa France’ was so tasty and you guys can check for the full recipe at ‘The Haitian Life Show’ by clicking on this link; For a more detailed overview of Haitian cuisine you guys can check out this blog called ‘Unconered Market’ by clicking on this link; › Blog › Caribbean › Haiti. This class is worthwhile as it is the only class that one gets to cook and taste out Francophone cuisine which is awesome as I’m passionate about restaurant hunting. As they say in Haitian Creole; orevwa ak we ou pita! (meaning; goodbye and see you later!).