french cuisine
Left to right: boeuf bourgigon and ratatouille

I am a typical African but born and raised in the Middle East. Therefore the foods that I have eaten are African foods, Middle East food and probably lots and lots of junk. When my French lecturer told us that she will host us at her place and cook French cuisine I was excited. I know you are wondering it’s just food why is she that excited. French cuisine is respected beyond its borders and continues to influence chefs worldwide. Like in most countries, food is an integral part of the French culture, and holiday traditions typically revolve around food. French cuisine also follows the seasons as chefs and home cooks favor fresh seasonal fruit and vegetables for a varied fresh cuisine.

So I quickly went online and goggled everything I needed to know about French cuisine and trust me I was already salivating. This is the menu of what my lecturer prepared.

  • Spinach quiche :   download (4)                                                                                                                       A spinach, mushroom and egg dish baked in a pie crust with cheese topping. I have never really liked mushroom but trust me I could not even tell, the ingredients of this super delicious meal.
  • Ratatouille:
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It is a vegetable dish. Here is a recipe I came across as I was doing my research This was my favorite meal because growing up as a child I watched Ratatouille and when Anton Ego, a restaurant critic is served the dish it takes him back to his childhood, thus he demands to see the chef who is a rat. Yeah I know, but trust me this is a good animation movie, and if you would like to watch it here is a link. ( ..

  • Boeuf bourgignon :
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This is beef cooked in red wine. I know that red wine can be accompanied with food and that it can be really expensive. What I dint know is that you can actually cook beef with the red wine. Now this was a meal that I was interested in learning how to cook. I did some research and I found different sites on how to cook beef bourgignon. ( › Recipes › Ina Garten)

  • Gratin dauphinoise :
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A potato dish .The ultimate cheesy potato bake. Layers of sliced potato with cream and cheese, and the most subtle hint of garlic. It’s creamy inside with a golden cheesy crust.  I love cheese this was my other favorite dish. I came across the perfect recipe Julia Child’s recipe (

  • Tarte tatin (dessert) :
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Last but not least we ate a dessert an upside down apple pie with apples cooked in butter and sugar and then baked with a pie crust, which we served with ice cream.