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The night life of Paris:

If you are just  like me ,you came to life when the sun goes down, then Paris is the city you need to visit. With the busting city of Paris, here is a list I have put up of list of the most popular nightlife sites  I thought people would like to visit when visiting Paris, France. I was so fascinated just by googling some of the clubs , I have never seen such beautiful clubs before.

Here are the top ten best clubs I think you should visit in Paris: Here is the list from seven to one.

7.L’Arc Paris


Its located at the top of the Champs-Elysées makes it an easy access for a night out on the town. There are VIP loges for those who seek them out, and there’s even a fumoir so smokers need not scuttle outside into the night for their nicotine break.



When you want the VIP treatment, Matigon was crowned as one of the more elite of the VIP clubs in Paris, this basement dance club plays hide and seek underneath the famous café-restaurant that is upstairs on the ground floor.

5.Buddha Bar

Buddha-Bar Baku

Please make reservations before going to this famous club. N Cocktails can be quite pricey. Dining prices are even higher than normal, but well worth the price. The dress code is described as smart and sexy with no faded jeans or sneakers. Unfortunately trying to catch a cab outside the club at the end of the night, especially on weekends is bit tricky but hey, just plan accordingly and u will be fine.

4.Moulin Rouge


Moulin Rouge is world famous for its cabaret shows and can-can dancers. Shows are packed full of action with acrobatic skills, songs, and dance. Tickets on average are about $170 USD per person to attend an evening show. Dress up in at least business casual attire before entering the Moulin Rouge. People inappropriately dressed for the show will not be admitted. Now this is the club I would want to go to.



Wanderlust is the new expansive terrace bar and club that perches atop the City de la Mode et du Design. It’s worth finding your way over to this Quai d’Austerlitz complex that houses a fashion museum, cool cafes and shops below, and this restaurant-bar-terrace-club up on its top floor.

2. Bus Palladium


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This trendy dance club in the heart of Pigalle spins to a range of musical styles (disco, rap, R&B, soul, and funk). It’s a great place to people-watch. Bus Palladium has been here for decades and still offers a good rock-n-roll time.

  1. Le Crazy Horse


To say that Crazy Horse is like any other Las Vegas review is just not doing it justice. These dancers, this choreography and the supremely innovative lighting that accompanies each act serve to transport you to a sort of world removed far away from the daily grind. So go ahead, treat yourself and visit “Las Vegas of Paris”. This is one of my favorite and it is definitely going to my bucket list.

I would definitely go on and on because Paris has beautiful clubs and trust me one could get confused on which club to visit. If your curious like me and you want to find out other clubs in Paris check out these links below. › France › Paris