Exploring the Parisian Cuisine is like having a romantic affair with food. It is filled with Baguette, Croissant, cheese and champagne; all a Man’s delight.


It’s amazing how Paris; the city of lights, is also the melting point of International cuisine as traditionally each region has its own distinctive cuisine. In the 17th quarter one would Northern cuisine which is rampant with cheese and in the 18th quarter an African residing in France would get access to some African delicacies in restaurants such as La Braise Dorée which is a French-African fusion restaurant, offering French and Senegalese classics. Being a romantic person, while researching on the French gastronomy, I could not help but imagine myself in a romantic escapade visiting the cheese monger; Laurent Dubois in Paris or having a relaxed Parisian dinner at the restaurant; Le Bistro Paul Bert which is known for its affordable dinner option in a casual, relaxed atmosphere.

To my fellow vegetarians who once in a while or perhaps everyday would opt for some junk food the East Side Burgers which is best known for its vegan burgers is highly recommended. For a taste of fresh produce, a visit to Alain Passard in his restaurant L’Arpège located in 7th arrondissement, would be the perfect choice as he creates phenomenal dishes using ingredients grown in one of his three gardens. In the 11th arrondissement in Paris, the restaurant; Soya Cantine, is renowned as an institution for organic gastronomy which is evident in their menu below on the left. Both restaurants offer a great choice of food at varying prices and L’Arpège being more expensive as show on their menu  below.

Soya Cantine Menu
L’Arpege Menu

In my journey of  discovery of Parisian Cuisine, I stumbled on this amazing YouTube video titled ‘Love letter to Paris (5 Places to feast in Paris)’ made by ‘Alex French Guy Cooking’ which shows five amazing places to have Breakfast, Lunch,  Tea time, Aperitif, and  Dinner, in Paris, France. You guys should check it out, by clicking on this link; https://youtu.be/9hOXfOx8Zkc  and should also check this great French cuisine blog called ‘The Flo Show’ by clicking on this link; http://www.thefloshow.com/.

For further details on Parisian cuisine, below are the best websites and their links that would be very useful.

Parisian Cuisine Website Link to Follow
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For some fun and affordable restaurants in Paris; Bonjour Paris https://bonjourparis.com/food-and-drink/10-fun-affordable-restaurants-in-paris/
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