I bet that most people only think of the animation ‘Madagascar’ when thinking of the African island nation of Madagascar.

Madagascar the Animation (Source: Drawing Cartoons)

I have a few Malagasy friends and may I say they are really beautiful people; however I still struggle to pronounce their long surnames. They came on missionary trip to our church, and afterwards they came over to my place for lunch. My mum and I requested of them to cook their traditional delicacies of which were craving to taste, but due to time constraints they were unable to do so. Well finally, my craving has been satisfied thanks to French 124 class taught by Dr. Wandia Njoya. In this awesome class, we were tasked with cooking a Francophone meal and I could not help but try out a Malagasy dish.

Malagasy Friends
Mum (the beautiful African lady in the middle) with Malagasy and Mauritian Friends, seeing them off  at the Seychelles airport after their missionary work in 2013 (Source: Facebook)

While searching for a really simple Malagasy recipe to cook, I stumbled on this dish called ‘The Peanut Stew’. I’m sure some Africans are familiar with this meal, but definitely not aware of this unique recipe of the peanut stew which has a taste of cream and butter. Cooking this dish was tremendously easy and fun as the recipe was quite straightforward…I mean it can not get any easier than transforming a handful of natural ground nuts into a bowl of tasty stew;

The ingredients are all accessible and affordable particularly here in Kenya and it is so easy and fun to prepare especially if you are the traditional type of person who prefers to remove brown skin of the peanuts by rubbing between the hands and then grinding it in a mortar with a pestle.

The process of grinding peanuts to Peanut Stew (Source: Serious Eats)

I am a vegetarian so this dish was perfect as it is for me, but as for meat lovers, I saw this really appetizing Malagasy recipe called ‘Rambon’omby sy Voanjo’ (Oxtail and Peanut Stew) on YouTube, the recipe instructions are written both in Anglais et Français…donc voila! You can check it out by clicking on this link; https://youtu.be/5cF3NJ6U0J4 and for many more Malagasy recipes kindly click on this link; http://www.alleasyrecipes.com/recipes/4/5/peanut­-soup.asp.  I also found this Malagasy cuisine blog called ‘VazahaGasy’ that elaborates more on delicacies in Madagascar; https://vazahagasy.wordpress.com/2007/12/26/malagasy-cuisine-a-beginners-guide/. I truly love the way French 124 class reminds me of my blissfull past of meeting wonderful friends. À bientôt! Or as they say in Malagasy; mandra-pihaona!