It was an interesting evening before. I was in Nairobi badgering my father to take me to Quickmart to do some last minute shopping. The recipe I had originally decided on hadn’t panned out due to lack of a majority of the ingredients. Thankfully, I had a plan B which seemed more doable. 

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Tabet Pistach or Peanut Brittle is what I finally went with. A sweet and crispy dessert, it seemed easy to do. Lord, if I only knew. When it came to the ingredients, most of them were easily available. From Roasted peanuts, brown sugar, ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg, to water, and salt, it really wasn’t that hard even finding a majority of these lying in the kitchen cupboards. Anise Star Extract, was the only thing however, I had never heard of before I my life. I researched online and it seemed to be in a lot of the Haitian desert recipes. I found that it has an almost liquorice flavour that could hardly be substituted unless I got my hands on liquorice.

I went ahead with the other ingredients, praying it won’t be missing too much, I prepared and boiled the whole mixture (adding the nuts later on in the process).  The final result was a sweet, sticky, gooey, yummy mess. I tasted it because the Chef must partake of their meal before they hand it to guests, and I must say if you are a sweet tooth, this treat is definitely for you. I had to leave it out to cool and harden until the next day.

The next morning, I had to leave really early for Athi River so I didn’t have time to check on the desert. The journey to Athi River was treacherous for my little treat, as all the consistent hardness melted off in the Mavoko heat.

Eventually when we served it we had to eat from little cups but my classmates loved the sweetness non-the-less. Some even carried the leftover and went and froze it after I mentioned to them the intended solid consistency. Their feedback was beautifully positive.

Here is The Recipe (Haitian Cooking Website) in case you have a hankering for nuts and sweetness.