Carole at Culture weekWhen we revised the BA French Curriculum, we decided to add a culture course whose key ingredient would be its accessibility to all students, whether they spoke French or not. That’s why we just had to be represented at Daystar’s annual culture week!

We presented two dishes: a Moroccan salad and Moffo bageda (sweet potato fritters from Madagascar). Belinda did the salad and I did the Moffo bageda. It was the second time I was makWandia at Culture weeking the dish, so I had a little bit more experience. And this time, we served them with a sprinkle of icing sugar, making them similar to the Swahili dish kamaiti, which are also dipped in a light frosting or sugar syrup. Incidentally, Madagascar island also has some Swahili and Arab cultural influences.

For dressing, Caroline and I tried Caribbean island wear (called the Antilles, in French), and specifically the traditional fashion of Martinique.

From the explanations we made to students, my impression is that Madagascar is not a country people were familiar with (despite it being an African country), and our presence at the Culture week was something the students did not expect. However, this is the first time we’re offering the class in Athi River. And thank God, it’s the largest class we’ve had so far!