13499597_1451797444846174_191619231_oMy name is Belinda Addikah. I am a BA Communication; Electronic Media and taking French as a minor. I love cooking and this class is the best thing that could have ever happened to me this semester. I am an extrovat with a little bit of an introvat personality. I have an open mind who enjoys what life has to offer. I love to be happy and I believe I add my days on earth with every laugh.


17361705_1386553331402907_1290941850257692607_nMy name is Yasmine Munsika. I am a B.A Communication student. I love discovering out new things, meeting new people, learning cultures and languages. I am a strong believer in PEACE. I can describe myself as outgoing and bubbly. Generally I can say being happy is my thing .


15439966_1309883215740492_2251306004117371621_nHi. I’m Linda Mallen Aoko Olango and I’m majoring in International Relations. I am an ardent advocate for truth who delights in historical movies and adventurous restaurant hunting. I am conversant in English, as well as French, Creole, Swahili and Dholuo. I also love singing, dancing, travelling and meditating on the blissful issues of life. My hope and dream is to witness Africa shine in the glory of its beauty.



My name is Wandia Njoya and I’m the faculty teaching this class. I also teach Literature and French under the Department of Language and Performing Arts. My passion is finding ways to make knowledge relevant and exciting. I’m also a social media enthusiast and a blogger.